memorial camping.

Andrea and I might have started a tradition - Papworth/Williams annual camping extravaganza. We'll see. Now that we live in the same state, we determined that our husbands and children need to be friends and what better way to kick off this friendship then a little camping trip?

I went with a great attitude. Jeff even thanked me for it. Jeff and Brian were in their element with mountain biking and dirt. I was not in my element with the freezing cold night. But the Williams are great company, for sure!

Poor Row feel out of the car and banged up her face right when we got to our camping sight (Dogwood Campground in Lake Arrowhead) - luckily that was our only trip to the E.R. She is sporting a pretty good goose egg and black eye. So incredible sad, but she is a trooper and even smiled for the camera when I was trying to document it. 

We cut our camping trip a night short, but we had fun. Grey loved every single second.

*I should note that neither Andrea or I brought warm enough shoes for our little girls, so we hit up Famous Footwear. We went with the boy hightop converse for Row and Brian insisted on the white Nikes for Jo Jo. Such a great decision.


4 years old. say what?

Grey turned 4 last month and we had a fun superhero party with his friends. We also had John, Sarah, Nora & Eve over for a little family celebration and he requested a Batman cake.

I can't believe my first born is now 4 years old. From the day he was born, he has put a smile on everyone's face and his infectious personality is undeniable. He is growing up to be such a good kid and I love his darling face and his sweet, demonstrative personality. I am so grateful he is mine.

i can't forget.

I don't want to forget her sweet smile and laugh that melts my heart every. single. time.

I don't want to forget the finger point and grunting to get her way.

I don't want to forget her crazy, wispy hair that is always in her eyes.

I don't want to forget her chubby thighs, edible thighs.

I don't want to forget how determined she is.

I don't want to forget how she backs it up, plants it on my lap and wants me to read to her.

I don't want to forget the space between her teeth and that cheesy smile she flashes because she knows she is funny.

I don't want my baby to grow up. Please stop.